PPC Innovation Hub

The Evolution as Cornerstone of Innovation

High quality services and consulting studies. Actions with a wider business impact, development of new technologies, innovative products and services.

  • Accredited Tests and Calibrations according ISO 17025
  • Accredited Inspections according ISO 17020

High quality expertise.

  • Electrical Tests and Measurements, Chemical Analyses
  • Metallurgical & Mechanical Testing, Non Destructive Testing, Testing related to Structural Projects

Second and Τhird party inspections on a wide range of materials and electromechanical equipment.

  • Cyber security of strategic infrastructures, Smart Grids, Electromobility
  • Hydrogen Technologies, Energy Storage Technologies, CO2 Capturing Technology, NDT

The Innovation Hub is evolving and now developing actions with a wider business impact

  • Creation of a Business Innovation Fund (Innovation Fund)
  • Business Incubator & Accelerator functions, for start-ups and new innovative business ideas
  • Development of new technologies, innovative products and services
The i-Hub Facilities

Our facilities  are located in the area of Kantza, Pallini, Attica.


  • Privately owned building facilities of 7,500 m2
  • The Innovation Hub has a branch located at Ptolemaidas V Power Plant premises

PPC's Innovation Center is activated in the implementation of specialized services

The Center provides high-level Laboratory Testing, Calibration, analysis and control services. Also implements on-site controls, which concern Tests and inspections at third-party facilities, for the Evaluation of Compliance with Inspections and Certifications. Indicatively, it provides services: to group companies, to private companies, to public organizations of many industrial branches, to construction and telecommunications companies, to companies active in the fields (of electrical equipment, fuels and lubricants, plastic and metal materials), in shipyards, in Public Enterprises of Social Benefit, in the Armed Forces.

In addition, the Center evolves and develops actions with a wider business impact such as: Creation of a Business Innovation Fund (Innovation Fund), Business Incubator & Accelerator Operations, Development of new technologies, innovative products and services, and through partnerships. Actions in the field of Research and Innovation are also important for issues of Business interest such as: Environment and Sustainable Development, Energy, Materials and Constructions, Digital and Industrial Systems including Cyber ​​Security

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The Innovation Hub, following the Corporate Strategy and supporting the Organization's profile, invests in Research, Development and Innovation.

It implements research actions and gives particular importance to the implementation of research programs either independently or through collaborations with Universities, Research Centers and agencies that are active at National, European and International level.



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